Eyebrow restoration - before and after

The eyebrow is an important part of facial symmetry and contributes to the appearance of men and women eyebrow restoration. Eyebrows frame the eyes and are one of the first facial structures that resemble society. A person without eyebrows natural look is very conscious about their looks. Transplant surgery can often restore eyebrows to their natural appearance of youth eyebrow restoration.

For these men and women who have lost complete natural look of her eyebrows, eyebrow restoration automated FUE with NeoGraft provide the simplest and best method for surgical restoration quick and easy eyebrow. Compared with the method using band NeoGraft not less downtime after the faster and easier recovery operation, no stitches or scars, and eyebrow restoration.

Using individual hair transplants or hair follicles from the side of the occipital region of the scalp eyebrow restoration, as it contains the largest number of follicular units from a single hair with the smallest diameter. The most important aspect of how our office is performing this procedure is that we do not remove a strip of scalp. We do not use skin flaps or grafts either eyebrow restoration.

Men and women have distinct differences in their eyebrow. Men tend to have thicker eyebrows which are horizontal. While women are more fragile and more elegant final form eyebrow restoration.

Proper angulation of the hair follicle is the most important feature of any transplant eyebrows. The hair on top of the central ridge of the eyebrow usually points to the top of the hairline, while the hair on the sides reminds horizontally to the ears eyebrow restoration. The bristles of the upper edge should be pointed slightly downward and slightly upward from the bottom so as to converge in the medium, the formation of a ridge and the light pattern resembling a pen eyebrow restoration.

The restoration of the eyebrows is a simple outpatient surgical procedure, performed under local anesthesia in our office eyebrow restoration. It takes about three to four hours to complete. Initially, Dr. Williams with a surgical marker draws an outline of the eyebrows to maintain normal anatomical position and symmetry already discussed in the preoperative consultation. Our brands also indicate the change in direction of median lateral border of the eyebrow hair eyebrow restoration.

After outlining the eyebrows eyebrow restoration, will be given a mirror and see the opportunity to design and to provide information prior to surgery. After receiving a local anesthetic to numb the areas of your face, start the surgical procedure by removing hair follicles from the donor area eyebrow restoration.

NeoGraft has been automated with this part eyebrow restoration, it is easier to achieve with respect to the tape method further proceedings. Instead of removing a small strip of hair with a scalpel in his donor area of the scalp, with NeoGraft Automated FUE eliminates individual follicular units from the donor area with a biopsy punch of 0.8 mm. This technique leaves no scar and no sutures are used. Typically the hair on one side of the head that is closest to your eyebrow hair is obtained eyebrow restoration.

Single hair transplants work well in the area of the sensitive surface, so that the positioning accuracy is critical eyebrow restoration. Our doctor solidifies meticulously placing each of follicular grafts in terms of sense of the hair and the right angle. Attention to the creation of a place to bow or improving existing beautiful arc is given. Depending on your genetics and individual healing, your eyebrow hair desired density may require more than one procedure. In general, 150 to 250 grafts are placed on each side eyebrow restoration.

After surgery, patients usually experience little or no discomfort and can leave the office and the record company on your own unless you are given sedation eyebrow restoration. Most patients feel comfortable during and after the procedure, and many return to work the next day. The next morning, the patient should rinse gently to remove the transplanted area dry crusts. This must be done in water at least three times a day after surgery, and twice daily for a week eyebrow restoration.

After each shower, eyebrow restoration antibiotic ointment should be applied to the forehead to help soften crusts and allow them to be more easily removed with subsequent washing. Bruising after surgery is common and can take a week or more determination eyebrow restoration.

Scabs that form after surgery fall within ten (10) days eyebrow restoration. After that time, no test procedure that transplanted follicles enter a resting period of about three to four months. This is often a difficult time for patients and eyebrows look like it did before surgery. Again patience is necessary during this period eyebrow restoration.

When you least expect it the eyebrow hair grows eyebrow restoration. In this table, you see your new eyebrow hair in amazement as his eyebrows begin to fill. Transplanted hair grow quickly and will require trimming from time to time because the transplanted hair grows at the same rate as the hair on the scalp. Pruning and regular maintenance will be required to maintain and keep your brows looking their best. You can straighten your hair, pluck, wax them, dye them, and cut them to length eyebrow restoration.

Eyebrow hair growth will slow down time and the hair will start to take some of the characteristics of the hair styling original eyebrow because of the influence of the recipient site. It is also understood that two or more sessions may be needed to achieve the desired look eyebrow restoration. Surgery is more spaced a minimum of eight (8) months apart in order to see the effects of the first surgery eyebrow restoration.


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