What is the eyebrow threading?

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The threading
In recent years, a new method of hair removal arrived in Quebec: eyebrow over. It is one of Asia and the Middle East ancient method of hair removal. The Threading is very popular in India and Iran to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, upper lip or face. Even men maintain their hair with hair removal over whether to cut their beards or to get rid of their mono-brow.

How to pluck your eyebrow by eyebrow threading
A simple piece of thread 100% cotton is necessary to remove hair. The beautician form a loop with the rope, and it holds one end of the wire in her mouth! It makes the eyebrow without damaging the hair root. The Threading requires very precise gestures and professional must demonstrate great dexterity. Years of practice are essential to achieve good results.

Threading with the arc of the eyebrow is much better defined. This method is very effective for a straight brow and clean. The hair is plucked at the root. Over time, the hair will weaken to the point of no longer grow. Some hair removal sessions over are needed before seeing a difference. One of the benefits of Threading is the low cost. The three branches of Dee's Beauty salons, eyebrow shaping over costs only $ 3! Certainly, one should not expect a relaxing time in a beauty salon. You enter, you get tweezers and spring in minutes! It is no more painful than waxing. The Threading leaves no red or irritated skin. 

This method is used both by men than by women.
A simple piece of thread 100% cotton is necessary to remove hair! The beautician form a loop with the rope, it holds one end of the wire (in his mouth), and proceeds to eyebrow without damaging the hair root.

Eyebrow threading
 Few Montreal salons offer this method ... You have more chance of finding a beautician with experience in the salons of Indian or Asian owners.

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how to pluck your eyebrow

Waxing is a first anesthetic and practical gesture. This is the current society that pushes us to more shaving.
If a woman feels good with all his hair, and the man with whom she lives is happy too, then do not change anything. Now if it is only because none is found desirable by his hair must reflect on what is most important in his life. Only natural to live harmoniously with his hair or with a man at the expense of some superfluous hair. There is always a way to find a compromise.

The eyebrow is what makes the strength and depth of the look! For many the highlight, it is important to know the correct tweezers. As we are not all the pros tweezers, here are four ways to remove hair eyebrows, each accompanied by tips, tricks and tips. You know how to have eyebrows dream!

First possibility: the end eyebrow and slightly rounded.
Very fashionable in the years 1930-1940, it softens the look and increases the surface of the eyelids: you look like a doll!

However, be careful not your eyebrows tweezers excessive, unless you want to look like an alien ... For this we fix imaginary lines not to exceed: one from the outer corner of the nose to the inner corner of the eye and one from the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Second possibility: the eyebrow "American."
Characterized by its shape caret, it structures the look and gives you a look femme fatale! The biggest stars have cracked long for this eyebrow shape: Kim Kawashima Megan Fox passing by Katy Perry.

To achieve this, go to the Benefit Brow Bar that you can find in your favorite Euphoria.

Third possibility.
This is probably the eyebrow shape that has the most success, and we understand why! The curve is smooth and harmonious: the eyebrows are drawn to perfection! These eyebrows make you a feminine, sensual and classy at the same time look.

To be sure to get this result, I advise you to visit the Workshop Eyebrow, you squeeze very good advice and you will avoid disasters.

Fourth possibility: the eyebrow provided.
This is THE eyebrow shape in fashion! Large top models of the moment have all lines ultra-marked eyebrow. Think Bambi Northwood-Blythe, or to Arizona Muse. This eyebrow shape beautifully frames the look and gives it dimension and depth. You have an androgynous-sexy look to die for!

Positive: the eyebrow shape is the least to maintain: brush your eyebrows with a small brush and just pluck a few hair between the eyebrows.

how do you maintain your eyebrows

today I'm going to talk about how do you maintain your eyebrows.
A glamorous look comes first by drawing the eyebrow!
My mission:
Me natural eyebrows, THE trend this season.

We avoid:
- From unsheathe his tweezers for a yes or a no!
- From the ultra fine tweezers. It's ugly, outdated, and eyebrows are becoming scarcer with time ...
We must know!

The right tools:
- A curved tweezers well, downright more accurate than conventional models.
- A styling gel (or gloss) for eyebrows (yes, yes, it exists!).
- In case of sparse eyebrows, eyebrow pencil dry is essential!
Warning: it is its color gaff! Good idea to rely on the color of the roots of his hair. However, it avoids shades too dark, it hardens the look.
The method: to bring pencil and carefully hatched his eyebrow, not to exceed.

The technique:
Follow the natural brow line and "clearing brush" following their "arc base."
Do not forget: we always pluck below and not above, the risk of ending up with a mono-brow version Emmanuel Chain!
In addition, do not forget to remove the hair that is between his eyes, and at the birth of the temples.
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  Stars to copy:
- We like natural eyebrows Jessica Alba, who regularly pass by "brow bar" (a kind of "Beauty" special eyebrows) for a drawing impeccable! '
- The chic and glossy eyebrows Jennifer Lopez, who regularly says his gaze Anastacia, THE specialist eyebrows in the United States is love.

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Eyebrow Threading Tips

For eyebrow zero defects, a basic rule to remember:
The manual is simple, it is held vertically along our nose, right next to the nostril base of the eyebrow should start here précis.On then moves to the outer corner of the eye: this is where the brow should stop. The uppermost part of the line is, it is defined where the iris meets the pencil.
you can do:
- This time, it is a bit closer, then does that eyebrow at a time and we go slowly ... Errors are difficult and time to catch up!
- When excess hair because they are too long, they do not hesitate to cut rather than tear. It keeps a dense material, it is always nice ...
- A small redness after passage of the clamp? An ice cube on the sensitized area are asked to decongest.

don't do:
- We do not pluck the top.
- You do not choose a / color too dark too light for the eyebrow pencil. It would appear all the kinks that we hope camouflage ... The goal is to enhance our eyebrows so that it is successful, a single word of the natural order!

The right tool: Undoubtedly, tweezers!
The best: The bright pattern of Vitry, who reigned over the world of tweezers! High accuracy guarantee with it, not a hair goes between the cracks, nothing resists him for the smaller and more durable. Icing on the cake? You can choose the color and fun to match with her ​​mascara or eye shadow. Chic to the end of the clip.